Decided to dive into the social media(Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for a while and observe how the world was living both within my continent africa and outside its boundaries. Definitely for a task like this I need the greatest creation of our modern time to match this feat. My tour started two months ago and for the first week I discovered it was interesting and I myself nearly got distracted from studying for my exams especially since this platform has made me meet new people and saw many opportunities I myself never believed existed. Though the main goal was to discover if truly in the Jungle of darkness those who have the light will shine. I stormed on something very interesting while viewing some profiles for about 2 out of 5 profiles I visit claims he or she is a Jesus lover on the BIOS. Always amazed when I see this, then curious to know what my fellow Christian post always lives me disappointed saying to myself “wow look at her she is posting half naked pictures or even naked pictures and she says she knows Jesus”.
This feeling makes me shake my head a lot in shame, wandering since Jesus gave his life to us free without charges shouldn’t we all be ashamed none of us can do that. Shouldn’t we all show pity and take the greatest event that has ever happened to man(Jesus death) with all seriousness and total surrender to him who has come and his to come. Instead some of us are abusing the price he has paid for us.
I wander if this ungodly behavior of knowing Christ and not acting, talking or dressing like Him is due to our lust towards this made in China world made by God. For we are all from one nation and that is upstairs(Heaven). Fools do add Jesus to their collection :$ Winners will give their All to Him :). Don’t be a fool and say “let me act as a Jesus lover to just hide my single status in life”. For a life with Jesus is better than a billion bucks and even silver or gold, so let’s all cherish him More

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